Directions to Calvary Lutheran Church

Calvary Lutheran Church is at 9545 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD  20910.  It's immediately south of the beltway's Georgia Avenue exit.  As you exit the beltway, you can see the church on your left.  

To get there safely by driving, stay in the RIGHT lane and go right, into a strip center with a gas station, a CVS, and Staples.  Once in the strip center, swing around to the left.  Make a left turn out of the driveway onto Seminary.  This way, you get a light, at Georgia Ave.  Go left onto Georgia.  Get in the right lane.  You can turn right on Flora, and park along Flora, or in a lot to your right.  Or, you can pass Flora and go right into the church driveway.  The church has a small parking area. 


Many buses also go along Georgia Avenue.